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Thank you for choosing MARCOS BEACH HOTEL in IOS.
We would like to inform you that the facilities and hotel services are addressed exclusively to guests who reside in it.
On the following pages you will find – in alphabetical order – information about the hotel and its services, which will help you to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

AIR CONDITIONING – HEATING All rooms have an individual Air Conditioning and Heating system. Please make sure that your keycard is into the box for electricity and the balcony and main doors are closed properly, otherwise the device will not work.

BABY COTS Baby Cots are provided free.

BREAKFAST Breakfast is served from 08:30 until 10:30. 

CAR/ MOTORBIKE RENTAL You can rent a car or motorbike at the front desk at any time during the day.

CREDIT CARDS At the front desk we accept VISA and MASTERCARD. DINERS not accepted.

CURRENT The current is 220 VOLT. Please insert your keycard into the box for electricity.

DEPARTURE Please check out of your room on the day of your departure latest 12:00. If you need a day use, please contact reception 1 day in advance. The charge for a day use (subject to availability) until 18:00 o’clock is at extra cost.

ENTRANCE The main entrance of the hotel is via the reception lobby and it is not allowed for visitors to access the facilities without consulting the reception. Reception is open16 hours per day (08:00 – 24:00). No visitors allowed after 24:00.

EXCURSIONS Please contact the front desk.

FIRE Although the hotel is fully equipped with a fire alarm system, in case of fire please contact the front desk (dial 0). Do not panic. The hotel is fully equipped and prepared to deal with emergencies. Head for the stairs to the Assembly point in the car park near the Reception.

FIRST AID – DOCTOR In case of an emergency please contact the front desk or dial (0). We can call a private physician or call the EKAB.
If you want an private doctor, the payment is done directly to the doctor.

INTERNET Internet access is free and available only in public areas in the hotel via WIFI.

LAPTOP SERVICE Laptop can be used in the reception

LAUNDRY  SERVICE Please contact reception (0) for information.

LOST & FOUND If you have lost something, please contact the front desk. The hotel takes no responsibility for missing valuables from the rooms or its public areas.

MESSAGES Any messages you receive can be collected at reception.

PARKING You may park your car on the parking lot. Please ensure that you do not obstruct anybody. Keep your car always locked and do not leave any valuable things in it. The hotel takes no responsibility for any damages and losses.

PETS Are only allowed prior consultation of the hotel before arrival.

REPAIRS If repairs in your room are necessary, please contact the front desk (0). Any damage will be usually fixed within the same day. We thank you for your understanding that due to extraordinary technical problems there might be a delay in the repair.

REFRIGERATOR Every room is equipped with a small refrigerator and its usage is free of charge. 

SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX The use of the safety deposit box in your room is free of charge. Please follow the instructions as described next to the safety deposit box. If you require additional space you can use the safety deposit box in reception at an additional charge.

TAXI You can order a taxi through the front desk. 

TELEPHONE The Hotel’s phone number is: 22860-91571 – Fax number: 22860-91671. Please dial 9 to get an outside line and the cost of any outside calls are payable at reception before departure, (0) for the front desk and (2) and the room number for calls to another room.

TELEVISION Every room is equipped with a TV. Please set the volume on a level that does not disturb anybody near your room.

TIME OF REST Please take care that you do not disturb anybody during the general resting times between 15:00 and 17:00 and between 23:00 and 09:00 o’clock.

TOWELS Can you imagine how many towels are unnecessarily washed every day and the great amount of washing powder needed which thereby pollutes our water? Towels are changed every two days. Please note that it is not allowed to use these towels outside of your room. The guest is charged with any damage or loss. 

WAKE UP CALLS Please contact the front desk (dial 0) if you need a wakeup call.

WATER The water from the tap is not drinkable, we advise you to drink only bottled water.
Marcos Beach Hotel Ios
84001, Ios, Mylopotas – Cyclades, Greece
Owner: Marcos Papadopoulos
Manageress: Jacqueline Papadopoulos
Tel.: +30 22860 91571
Fax.: +30 22860 91671
TRAVEL MARCOS, MHTE: 0206E60000453400
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